Technical Services

Technical Services is, perhaps, the department least familiar to our patrons. It is located on the Lower Level, adjacent to the Children's Department, and not readily in public view. Most of the work performed is behind the scenes. However, we like to think of it as the nucleus of the library since the most important function of preparing and providing books to the public takes place in Technical Services.

The following is a brief overview of Technical Services functions:

  • All book selections, including Adult, Reference, and Young Adult
    are decided upon by the reference librarians and are routed downstairs
    to Technical Services.
  • These books are then ordered using several vendors depending on availability and deliverability.
  • When the books arrive, they are checked in, stamped, covered and labeled by the Technical Services staff.
  • Decisions on genre, loan periods and shelf locations are determined.
  • The books are barcoded and entered into our online catalog for public viewing.
  • As constant weeding continues to allow more shelf space, the department is responsible for withdrawing the books from the collection and preparing them for the Book Sale.
  • Whenever possible, or feasible, books are mended or sent to the bindery for preservation.
  • A general evaluation of the collection, particularly call numbers and genres, is ongoing with the goal of a consistent, user-friendly collection.
  • When you enter the library and find a brand new book beautifully covered, labeled and barcoded you will know it all happens in Technical Services!