Homework Help

Students – Listen Up!

Teens, are you looking for homework help?  We've got you covered! Tutor.com is a fully online tutoring service that you can access for free with your Bryant Library card.  You can connect with a tutor between 2pm and 10pm, submit a paper for review, drop off a math question, take a practice quiz, prep for the SAT or ACT, and more!  Click on the link below to create an account!


So, you’ve gotten a Social Studies assignment, and you don’t know where to start. Or, you’re a parent, whose son or daughter is asking for homework help. Stop. Wait. Resist the temptation to go to Google. Come to the Bryant Library first – either in person, or virtually. We are available 24/7 with our online Electronic Resources. Our databases are proprietary subscription databases that are not available through a search engine. When teachers say that students can’t use more than a certain number of Internet sources, they are not talking about databases. Databases are as good and as valid as if you found them in print. In fact, some of them are exactly the online versions of print products – like Britannica, World Book or Americana Encyclopedias. Except, online, you may find beautiful photos, links to relevant web resources, current events and other interactive material.

At first glance, the list of available databases can be overwhelming. Which one should you pick? Well, it depends. View our database list by subject -- scroll down to ‘History,’ ‘English,’ Science & Math,’ etc. Find your topic, choose a database and begin.

What if you’re not sure what your topic should be or it’s a controversial issue? Try Opposing Viewpoints in Context or SIRS (Social Issues Research). For more general research – let’s say, you want to find an article that’s been in the news or written up in a magazine, there’s Proquest, General Onefile or Student Resources in Context. All three are easy to use and can pull up relevant information in a matter of minutes. One of the highlights of using our databases is the easy availability of primary source documents.

Researching the U.S. or another country? We have a fantastic list of resources for multicultural studies: Country Watch, Lands and People, America the Beautiful, and World Geography (to name just a few). You’ll find descriptions of the country, maps, pictures, recipes, famous people – in addition to the obvious, expected information about the government, history, etc.

We even have collections of eBooks -- in Credo Reference and Gale Virtual Reference Center. Both of these resources search hundreds of books at one time and will give you the books you need without even leaving home!

Our advice? When you get an assignment, check out our Databases first. If you’re not sure where to look, call us and ask. We’re here to help. And, remember – we still have books!